Hourly Coaching

Need 1-1 help on a small budget? Only need help on a project?

Hourly coaching is for you!

We provide insight for companies to discover and fix their blind spots, preventing many common mistakes businesses make during the growth process.

We help businesses develop and keep a strong foundation for their business by maintaining compliance, proper daily operations, and anticipating potential problems before they appear.

We offer a wide variety of training from hands-on analysis to as-needed workshops. We work to make sure each company gets the attention it needs to keep it functioning at its best.

Who we work with:

Our clients range from event planners, to writers and musicians. To take on a client, our clients must:

  • Be SERIOUS about growing their business and creating a successful support system for their art
  • Be ready to work on your business with us to create the best business for you
  • Be open to suggestions and know that our suggestions and strategies are shown to work with our clientele
  • Be tired of struggling in their business